Funny T-Shirts! Weird T-Shirts!

That’s right! We really do have the weirdest t-shirts online. Neon Humanoid is all about crazy t-shirts. Put your personality on your chest with one of our awesomely hilarious t-shirts. We’ve got 80s t-shirts, pop culture t-shirts, movie quote t-shirts, 90s slang t-shirts, Halloween t-shirts, Christmas t-shirts and much more!

talk to the hand 90s shirt

Talk To The Hand! 1990s Shirt

Talk to the hand! You know you've said it. You go with your bad 90s self, yo. This 90s shirt just about sums up this post-80s decade with a signature...

Take a Chill Pill Shirt

Take a Chill Pill and get this Chill Pill 90s shirt and 90s stuff. Seriously, get it! No? Then Take a Chill Pill.
A$AP fleek meth dong

A$AP Fleek Meth Dong

My nom de plume shall now be A$AP FLEEK METH DONG! #onfleek #a$ap #meth #crystalmeth #clipart #dong GET ONE NOW, SIR!  
old school vhs tape shirt

Old School VHS

Rewind with this retro 80s with this old school vhs cassette tape shirt. Rewind to avoid the late fees. Rewind to find some cool Old School stuff here!
I pity the fool shirt

New 80s Shirt – I Pity The Fool!

As Mr. T (aka B.A. Baracus) used to say in the 1980s - "I Pity The Fool." We pity the fool who doesn't get this classic 80s catch phrase t-shirt from Neon...
quit icing my grill shirt

Quit Icing My Grill! 90s Shirt fo’ Y’alls.

It's something Rob Van Winkle (aka, Vanilla Ice) would have cold stepped up and shouted at all the bros of the early 1990s. Quit Icing My Grill about my...
Flesh eating creep

Halloween T Shirts – Flesh Eating Creep!

One of our latest Halloween t shirts, the Flesh Eating Freak! Macabre spookiness awaits, thee, zombie creep! Available in all sizes. Get 'em here, you...
what would jesus do shirt

What WOULD I Do?

@$!&...What WOULD I Do? What if Jesus really didn't know what to do? What if Jesus has no idea how to behave? Well, then here's your answer...he's...
totally tubular 80s shirt

Totally Tubular!

This retro 80s shirt is Totally Tubular! Grind some kind waves and get tubular, dude .Get Totally Tubular!

Look Out! Bloodshot Eyeball Glasses Shirt

This spooky hipster shirt is great for Halloween or any time of year really. The eyes have it, so eye won't say more.
less cowbell shirt walken

Less Cowbell, Walken!

Tired of More Cowbell? How about LESS COWBELL! We love Walken, but we're sick of this catch phrase. Show your solidarity by requesting Less Cowbell. Get...
kissing whales or mustache?

Kissing Whales Or Mustache? Hipster Shirt

Well, is it two kissing whales, or a mustache with a face? It's like a hipster ink blot test. This shirt will keep them guessing and asking questions. Who...
gag me with a spoon shirt

Gag Me With A Spoon!

Gag Me With A Spoon! As if, totally, I mean, like fer sure. 80's slang at it's best. Retro 80's fab. Valley girls said it. Someone in a John Hughes movie...
hipster navajo geometric pattern shirt

Hipster Navajo Geometric Pattern!

Hey, hipster...why spend $40 at Urban Outfitters for this ethnic hipster navajo pattern shirt when you can get one here for thrift store prices? Get hip...
cool beans 80s shirt

Cool Beans!

It's cool beans that 80s shirts are back in style! Extra cool beans if you get this retro shirt. Get some 80s merch now and be Cool Beans!

Booyah Shirt!

Booyah! Do you like the late 80s and early 90s? Me too. Booyah! Get one here. BOOYAH!
Burh, Do You Even Bruh shirt

Bruh, Do You Even Bruh?

I mean do you? Do you "bruh?" Get the stuff now, bruh! -
howling disco wolves

Howling Disco Wolves!

This hipster shirt has wolves howling at a disco ball moon. Add lasers and a dance floor, and you're twerking all night long! Get your hipster crunk...

Flaming Hipster Mustache Skull

Who doesn't love a Flaming Hipster Mustache Skull? I've combined fire, neon, mustaches and skulls all in one beloved image. Get a shirt or mug today. It's...

Ratical! Skateboard Rat 80s T Shirt

Ratical, dude! Crazy skateboarding, hot dog eating rat with rattitude! The 80s are alive and well, brah and this 80s t shirt is rad. Get RATICAL!
halloween 3 silver shamrock pumpkin

Happy Happy Halloween T Shirt from Silver Shamrock Novelties!

Silver Shamrock wants you to have a happy happy Halloween. Turn your head into bugs with this jack-o-lantern. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch may not...

New Holiday Christmas T Shirt: Merry Christmess!!!

Christmas is happy and relaxing...yeah right! The holidays are a Christmess! Get this Christmas T Shirt to show your inner Grinch or Scrooge. Bah humbug!

Texting Zombie T Shirt!

This texting zombie t shirt is scary because this COULD be you! This Halloween t shirt is for zombie lovers and tech blindness haters. Use your brains and...
sweet christmas

Have a Sweet Christmas from Luke Cage!

Get your "SWEET CHRISTMAS" shirt in time for the holidays and Season 2 of Luke Cage! Sweet Christmas, don't let Diamondback or Shades get your...
Grave Robbing Weirdo

Halloween T Shirt – Grave Robbing Weirdo!

You can admit it - you're a Grave Robbing Weirdo. Dig up this Halloween T shirt in all sizes.

Count Vampula Halloween Dracula T Shirt

Count Vampula vants to suck yr bloodz! This spooky Halloween dracula t shirt is perfect for all ze hipster children of ze night. Bleh, bleh bleh...
Nacho ghoul spooky Halloween foodie demon shirt

Nacho Ghoul T Shirt!

Lock your windows and doors, and hide the nachos! The monstrous Nacho Ghoul will steal your cheesy stash. The Nacho Ghoul loves jalapeƱos from hell. This...

Freakenstein Frankie Frankenstein T Shirt

Freakenstein Frankie's neon green visage is a Halloween shirt with electric life! Viktor and Igor will be jealous of this macabre shirt. Get this...

Halloween T Shirts – Blood Sucking Freak!

These Blood Sucking hipster Halloween t shirts are for all you plasma sipping vamps! Let your creepy out in all sizes and other freaky products as well....
gnarly dude shirt

Gnarly Dude!

This shirt is gnarly, dude! Seriously gnarly. Like, so, like gnarly dude that it's GNARLY DUDE! Get it dude!
I wash myself with a rag on a stick

I Wash Myself With a Rag on a Stick!

Bart Simpson washed himself with a rag on a stick in one Simpsons episode. Do you? Do you want to wash yourself with a rag on a stick? Maybe? Then see...
silver shamrock novelties halloween 3

Silver Shamrock Novelties!

Every day is Halloween with this Halloween III: Season of the Witch reference. Don't put on the mask, or Silver Shamrock will turn your head into...
what's your damage shirt

What’s Your Damage? 80s Shirt

What IS your damage, my bro? Get your damage with this What's Your Damage shirt now! Get it! No? Well, what's your damage?
old school floppy disk shirt

Old School Floppy Disk!

Old School Floppy! 5" of floppy computing with a massive storage capacity of 720k! True retro geek chic. Punch a hold in the side for some double-sided...
damn skippy shirt

You’re Damn Skippy, this 90s shirt rules!

Damn Skippy this shirt rules! Seriously. Get it. I mean it. Damn Skippy I do!
Bro, Do You Even Bro? shirt

Bro, Do You Even Bro?

Bro, Do You Even Bro? I mean do you? Do you "bro?" Get the stuff now, bro!:

Skelebones Skeleton T Shirt!

No bones about it, this Halloween Skelebones skeleton t shirt is silly spooky.

Move over, Miley. It’s Twerking Girl! Twerk Shirt

A twerking girl is a working girl. If you twerk it you'll work it. Get this girlie twerk t shirt and get all "Miley Cyrus on MTV" up in it, yo. Twerk it...

Halloween T Shirt – Throat Slashing Maniac

Jason Vorhees would wear this Throat Slashing Maniac Halloween T Shirt. This weird t-shirt comes in all sizes. Get one now, Jason!
grody to the max 80s shirt

Grody to the Max!

Grody to the max, man! She's got gnarly cooties, so this shirt is maximazing! The 80s were grody too. Get some Grody to the Max stuff!
old school cassette 80s shirt

Old School Cassette!

Old School Cassette! Make some new mixes with all the jealous looks you get with this shirt. 90 minutes of memories on a cotton shirt. Rewind to the old...

Burning Pumpkin Halloween T Shirt!

What's better than a Halloween pumpkin? A burning Halloween pumpkin t shirt with an evil face as you trick-or-treat. Happy Halloween! Check out old Jack...
stone cold trippin' shirt

Stone Cold Trippin’ – New 90s Shirt!

You'd be Stone Cold Trippin' if you didn't get this slangtastic 90s shirt. "You'd be stone cold trippin' to not go see House Party 3." Get Stone Cold...
rad 80s shirt

Rad 80s Stuff!

Like, totally Rad! Relive the 1980's with this Rad 80's shirt! Gag me with a spoon, for sure, like totally! If you lived in the 80's you know what it is...
as if 90s shirt

As If!

As if you didn't remember this early 90's catch phrase? on, Wayne. As if! Get it, you hoser!
they're watching shirt

They’re Watching!

I think they are. Are they? Are they watching us? They are. They're Watching! Find out why HERE.
show me your ticks maine

Show Me Your Ticks!

I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Show me your ticks is for anyone in Maine or the outdoors that hates deer ticks or dog ticks or any ticks. Show...
Dude, Do you even Dude? shirt

Dude, Do You Even Dude?

I'm mean, do you, dude? Do you? Get this dude stuff here, dude!
caution: will throw shade shirt

Caution: Will Throw Shade

Caution: Will Throw Shade! Warn your haters and fam with this fly #ThrowShade shirt. Throw Some Shade HERE! GET ONE NOW!
totally awesome 80s shirt

Totally Awesome 80s!

Totally Awesome! Like, it's Tooootallly Awesome! Get your Totally Awesome stuff here!